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WAND Sessions

WAND Sessions

#1 Nice to Meet You! Getting to Know Your Personality

Discussion-based session that examines personality traits, job likes and dislikes, career issues, and marketable skills. This session also examines potential career options based on interests, skills and values and includes the Meyers Briggs type indicator.

#2 Getting Down to Business: Finding Your Career

This session is all about discovering one’s self through understanding personal and professional values. It focuses on self evaluation and group discussion of how personal values fit into a career choice. the session ends with setting both long term and short term goals.

#3 Job Search

The third session covers networking and the importance of having a personal network. Participants learn networking skills and goal setting to meet professionals in their field of interest. It covers informational interviews and telephone contacts.

#4 Cover Letters & Resumes: Tools that Open the Door

This session helps participants draft the ever-so-important cover letter. It also reviews the dos and don’ts of resume writing, the types of resumes and the components of resume writing.

#5 Preparing for the Interview

This session reviews the goals of job interviewing, interview preparation, and mock interviews. This session also reviews the appropriate interview attire and grooming tips for dressing for success.

#6 Ready to Work Make-Over

In this final session all participants will receive a complementary ready-to-work makeover including hairstyling and make-up application.

Sessions will last between 1.5 to 2 hours each.

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