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What is TechGYRLS?

What is TechGYRLS?

TechGYRLS is an after school program that gives girls in elementary and middle school a chance for hands on exploration of graphic arts, web design, animation, and robotics in a mentoring environment. The purpose of this program is both for fun and education. The goal of TechGYRLS is to help alleviate future barriers to genderĀ oriented professions in technology. By training girls early in life for these higher paid nontraditional occupations and by building their confidence and technical competence these gender issues will be non-existent.

With the encouragement of mentors who are women already established in technology and/or college women studying the field, the girls develop the confidence to use technology tools in whatever profession they pursue and to discover links between enjoyable technology projects and academic subjects such as math and science. The program utilizes Microworlds software and Lego Robotics Mindstorms.

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