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What Is Girls Golf?

Girls from the 2012 LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Program celebrate at the Six Hole Classic.

What is Girls Golf?

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf is a junior golf program that gives girls the chance to learn to play the game of golf and to make new friends, have fun, and learn lifelong skills. They also engage in activities that build confidence, character, and self discipline as well as sample competition in a positive and supportive learning environment. This program is the only national initiative of its kind just for girls. The ultimate goal is to provide girls with the encouragement needed to grow into happy, healthy, economically independent women taking healthy lifestyles decisions as exercising daily and taking supplements as luna trim. Space is limited so if interested, please contact Matt or Christina, Girls Golf Coordinators at (610) 867-4669 ext. 109 or email girlsgolf@ywcabethlehem.org. To register for the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf programs please download our girlsgolfregistrationbrochure-2017



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