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Laura: this is my story

According to the Hamilton Coast2Coast First Aid/CPR Hamilton Coast2Coast First Aid/CPR team over 300,000 people have their hearts stop suddenly (suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest or SCA) yearly in

the United States alone. Most survivors return to their home and back to their usual activities. Of these

survivors, many were previously healthy.

Since the AHA Guidelines 2000 we have been taught that for every minute that passes between

collapse and defibrillation, survival rates from witnessed sudden cardiac arrest decrease close to 10%.

When bystander CPR is provided, the decrease in survival rates is more gradual and averages 3% per

minute. That’s like an additional 7 people out of 100 that will survive or 21,000 people per year!

One such person is Laura and this is her story of survival:

In earlier months my boyfriend had taken a CPR training course through his work. On the night of my

sudden cardiac arrest, he began CPR while ringing for an ambulance. Fortunately, they arrived minutes later.

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